Software delivered to you the right way, at the right time.

Make us your strategic partner in your digital journey and we guarantee we can stand up a cross-functional balanced team in two weeks. Here are a few starting points for working together.


Evaluate an Opportunity

User research, heuristics, workflow mapping and product canvas development.


Validate and Test

Design and test a proof of concept to align stakeholders, validate idea, and secure funding.


Build and Ship

Design thinking, Agile delivery, DevOps and the smartest team you've worked with.

Gut Studio‘s cross-functional teams

Cross-functional balanced teams.

Complex problems and integrated solutions is a challenge in today’s digital world. Our response in tackling these is our cross-functional balanced teams which can build exceptional softwares and take ownership of the results.

We provide the option of two partnership models, both valuable depending on your current stage and status of your project. In the Full Ownership model, our teams have full ownership of results and can move faster without distractions and the typical enterprise bureaucracy.

At times, however, the Shared Ownership model is necessary to help our clients adopt best practices, transfer application domain as well as facilitate a wider process transformation at the company.



Gut Studio‘s ownership diagrams
The agile scrum methodology

The agile scrum methodology.

Our people-driven team of agile engineers, product managers, and designers work together and alongside you to extract requirements, prototype, test with users, and finally deliver the software to market, the right way, at the right time using the agile scrum methodology.